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We are members of a pigeon racing organisation which was set

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We are members of a pigeon racing organisation which was set up approx 20 years ago. Which set up a bank account as a transport fund so in the future could buy a pigeon transporter, which has been levid at 2p per pigeon sent each week. So over the last 20 years we have a bank account with in access of £12,000. Every time its been proposed to buy a transporter it is always rejected by a few clubs. Now these same clubs want the money to either be divided into the current membership or paid out in prizes. The problem we see is that members who have paid into the transport fund and have now left do they have any legal right to be reimbursed.
Many thanks
Paula Fitzpatrick
1. Dear *****a, a club is a continuing body. Any balance standing in the club's accounts belong to the current members of the club as they constitute the club at that point and time in law. Past members have no claim on current funds of a club. Accordingly, in this instance, although the previous members of the club contributed a levy on the basis of saving to buy a transporter, they now have no claim on the funds they contributed, even though the purpose of those contributions have been frustrated. Accordingly, it is open to the current members of the club to determine what they want to do with the club's monies.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks for your reply.

just a couple more questions

1= If the money is divided out is it divided by members or clubs?

2=If some members what there money out and some members want it put into prize money does this go to a majority vote,

Thank you for your help


2. Dear *****a, Firstly the monies held by the pigeon racing organisation belongs to the clubs as they are the members of the pigeon racing organisation, not the individual members. Accordingly, if the money is divided out, it is divided among the clubs who are part of the organisation, not the individual members. What happens to the monies in the pigeon racing organisation depends upon a vote of the clubs, not the members. Additionally, whatever the rules of the organisation lay down, this depends upon whether it is a majority vote or some other arrangement which decides what happens to the monies held by the pigeon racing organisation.
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