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On 12 September 2014 I made a complaint to my GP practice.

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On 12 September 2014 I made a complaint to my GP practice. The reason I did so is that I received a letter stating I was on the hypertension Register and in receipt of hypertension medication. I queried this and eventually was informed I had been put on the hypertension register in August 2013 but was not prescribed medication. I complained again twice more re me being unaware that I was on any such register and who had put me on this. I also queried if I had been unknowingly linked to any hypertension medication. Due to several complaints by other patients during a planned routine Care Quality Commission the subsequent CQC report found the practice to be inadequate and that the practice has to improve many areas of policies and procedures in 6 months or they will be shut down. In the report it states that all of the complaints had been about communication issues and complainants had received written resonse from the practice. It states that one of the complainants had proceeded with a complaint to the Ombudsman (me) and that this was "disatisfaction with the arrangements for prescribed medication they took on a regular basis". This is totally incorrect as this is the very issue I am complaining about and cannot get response to. The Independant Advocacy Worker confirms this is incorrect as would the Ombudsman as they have been in touch with the practice to support my complaint from the start regarding the subject of hypertension medication. I have never took such medication. I have questioned what was the source of information from the practice to the CQC and have been advised that the CQC do not deal with individual complaints. However the CQC advised the ICA Worker that the complaints against the practice have been taken very seriously. (however incorrect in respect of me).
Last week I was advised by the ICA Worker that my complaint containing a build up of many questions would be dealt with by next week.
Due to the whole prolonged process I am losing faith that I will receive a thorough and honest response to my complaint.
My complaint should have been dealt with "promptly, honestly and factually at the beginning.
I had learned during this process that a GP on the panel had been sacked 5 years previous for prescription fraud over a 9 year period and banned from practicing in the UK. I did not know this at the time and was told he had retired.
From the start I have been unsure how to have my complaint efficiently dealt with and where to proceed if I am disatisfied with the outcome. The ICA Worker is the only one who has supported me but I am unsure if she will be able to continue doing so if higher bodies fail to resolve my complaint.
What do I need to do to ensure information held in respect of me within the GP practice and CQC report is factual and contains my views/agreement the information contained is a true account?
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What is it you want to achieve please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Advice as to who i can go to if ICA, Ombudssman and CQC cannot provide answers. That is all.

You can seek a judicial review as this is a public service.
This is where a high court judge considers your complain and what you have to say. A judge will consider it and see whether they have acted legally and reasonably. The judge can either agree with the decision or remit it back for further consideration.
You would need to issue an application in the high court which you may get legal aid for.
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