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Just wondering if I have a case, I had a debt management plan

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just wondering if I have a case, I had a debt management plan which I cleared off in February this year and all the companies except Nat West have adjusted my credit file correctly. However Nat West are still stalling me, I have called them at least 5 times only to be fobbed off with another 2/3 weeks, the problem is that I wish to renegotiate my mortgage as it is on a high rate, the mortgage people will not look at my case until my credit rating is adjusted and made accurate, mortgage is with Nat West as well. So basically they are stalling on adjusting my credit file, and by doing this they are making money off me by not letting me renegotiate my mortgage deal. Surely this is illegal??
1. I am amazed at this practice! This is unlawful. You should make a complaint in respect of NatWest to the Financial Ombudsman about the overcharging on the existing mortgage due to the non-alteration of the credit file. Go to and make a complaint. Essentially, NatWest should not be continuing to charge you additional interest on your mortgage owing to their default in not correctly amending the credit file. Secondly, in relation to your credit file, you need to report your concern to the Information Commissioner. Go to and raise the issue concerning NatWest's dealings with your data and your credit file. Essentially, NatWest should be correcting your credit file but are not. You should get a direction issued to NatWest to take the appropriate action.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have just emailed Nat West with a get it sorted this week or I will be reporting to the FO, ICO and instructing a lawyer to begin proceedings. I await a response!