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JGM, Solicitor
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My name is***** and I create dolls house gardens

Customer Question

My name is***** and I create dolls house gardens and dioramas as a hobby, and have countless numbers of high praise E bay feed backs from previous customers about them as well as amazement regards ***** ***** and realism they have, when we display them for sale at hobby events and fairs.
I met a lady (Pat Lowrie) through some mutual friends some time ago and the subject of her dolls house came up.
It had been a family struggle to completed, her husband died, and then a son in law (?) who sadly died while involved with it too, he died of a brain tumor, poor lad.
So we took a look at it, and indeed it was in a mess and most of the electrics when it came to it's lights were plainly dangerous, even at that scale.
Sorry to say, much to the private concerns from friends and people who knew this woman of old, and the vicious way she turns on anyone who does anything for her, we said we would undertake repair and refashioned the frontage so it matched a small photo she provided for us and said she wanted it to look like that.
You see she is a bit of a private drinker so I understand, maybe that's why she is the way she is, but that's her problem not mine. and she has money coming out of her ears and thus must think that us poor mortals are some way below her on the ladder of life.
I have known her to order and have a new fitted kitchen that she loves only to have it taken out in a week or two later and another brand new kitchen fitted if you get the picture.
we completed the house and fitted safe new transformers and lights as well as hand made the whole frontage as per the photo given.
She came to collect it and burst into tears over it, I had kissed, hugs and praise saying it's just what she wanted and loves it and more tears and thanks etc. Quiet unexpected and OK flattering for a job I felt had been very hard to do and once done, it was obvious the customer was totally delighted.
9/8/2015- Old Market Hall Kettering- Bears and Dolls house exhibition and fair.
were we there -yes.
did she come-Yes,
Did she come to me and start her oft heard dialogue full of degradation, incompetence on my part and total rubbishing the finished job of work previously done to her upper most delight to bring on tears and almost collapse a few weeks before in my front room. - Yes!!!
My Question is this,
I had to sit there behind my stall while she destroyed my Name and Product as she stood there and issued all sorts comments from her mouth running my product and name down in public.
At one point, to defuse the moment and ease the situation for myself and all those around me, I offered to come and alter anything she now was saying she didn't like - but no, she said it was totally worthless and she was putting it down to experience, she then went over to the organizer of the fair and continued her unpleasantness about us, then came back to our stall saying she wanted to buy a garden.
What is up with her, she just degraded me in public, and then expected me to sell her something or build a dolls house garden for her, she even said a very pleasant goodbye to everyone including me?.
I know the additional attack was launched on me in front of the venue organizer because when I went to her at the end of the show to apologies for any trouble I may have caused the other traders and customers at that time I was indeed sorry!
Because at the time of me suffering this loud attack the whole room went quiet as it does when something like this occurs.
She said that she had dealings with the same women in the past in her shop, and was very aware of the way she is and encouraged me to not worry about her as my product was absolutely wonderful and totally unique.
I have to thank several fellow stall holders who rallied round and re-assured me that her display and remarks had shown her up, and had been inappropriate for that time and place.
I myself chose to take it on the chin and seek advise afterwords in order that there would be minimal unpleasantness for the customers that were there at the time, (and there were a good few at my stall,)
Unfortunately, being the way I am, an artist and artistic, I suffer deep injury being forced to undergo this sort of thing, and suffer badly being attacked unjustly and feel injured from it.
It has upset me more than you can imagine, and it is lingering today Monday, and possibly will for a week or so.
I am now depressed, and all because of this intolerant and rood female.
I suppose it was all my fault, but she has no right to treat other people like she does - does she?
I will help anyone, and do what I can for anyone too, this uncalled for verbal attack in a crowded room has I feel destroyed my good name and my inner feeling of worth, so much so I may dis continue exhibiting my products again, that is if I bother to continue making them.
Can you help me
Terence Bird. - age 67
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  JGM replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question.I can understand how upset you must be and it is to your credit and skills that your peers gave you support at the craft fair.From a legal point of view she has breached the law of defamation. What that means is that she has attempted to damage your reputation and she has done it in public. If you want to make this legal what you have to do is instruct your solicitor to issue a cease and desist letter to her threatening an action of defamation and damages. I am not saying you want to or have to take this all the way to court although you certainly have a case and have evidence in the form of witnesses. At the very least you want a formal notification to this woman that she has to cease and desist her behaviour and that you want a written apology. I hope this helps. Happy to discuss further. Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.