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Im jacinta my son and another little boy were playing

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Hi im jacinta my son and another little boy were playing after football practice playing a sword fight with sticks and my sons stick broke and hit the other boy in the eye he was bleeding my son was very upset.we then both went to see how the boy , dr came and looked at him and the mam said it was a accident he had to get stiches.. my husband and i are worried can they sue.i rang his house to see how he got on at the dr but couldnt get anyone so i left a message just to say hope he was ok.i thought i might have an answer by now seen as it is well over 22hours whats my next move do i call to his house or is that claiming liability.?

1. I would advise you to call to the house of the boy who was hurt. This is no way admits liability. You should at least express human concern for the child who has been hurt. With any luck, if you are sufficiently concerned and this boy makes a full recovery, there will be no legal action. Every parent lives in dread of this happening and very few parents sue. Even then it is probably covered by one or other party's house insurance. but not to express concern and care would be seen as very heartless even if the case ever went to court.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ok i will do that tomorrow but it didnt happen on my property or the other childs either it happened in the trees at the football club.

2. Dear Jacinta, you will probably find the football club carries insurance cover for this type of incident. However, it would be better if this boy suffered no permanent injury.