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I own a manor house. I have gifted 4 of my 5 flats to my daughters.

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I own a manor house. I have gifted 4 of my 5 flats to my daughters. I wished to include an acre of meadow to each daughter but was told it would be too much and would not be agreed by the Inland Revenue. They now wish to buy an acre each of land too clumpy for grazing. With digging and raking they will be able to grow vegetables, etc
They can afford £5,000 each to buy it from me. Two wish to buy it there acre this year and two next year so I avoid capital gains tax.
I have mapped out the areas on my property plan.
Can I send this to the land Registry HM or do I need a solicitor?
1. In theory you can send the map you have drawn up to the Land registry yourself. However, there is the risk that they might not be happy with it if the mapping is not correct. Whilst it might seem like needless expense, I would advise you to get a solicitor. However, you should do some of the mapping work yourself and measure out in metres and yards the size of each piece you are giving to each daughter. This will be required for an accurate map in the Land Registry and no subsequent disputes.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Will the Land Registry query the amount? £5,000 for an acre in Hertfordshire. The meadow is useless at present and on a steep incline..

Don't the girls have to pay the 'going rate' or can the seller have more clout?



2. Dear Seila, the Land Registry never query the amount paid for any land. There pno function other than one of registration. So your fears are misplaced.