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I was wondering if you could give me some advice, I'm

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Hello, I was wondering if you could give me some advice, I'm having an on going problem with a neighbour whom is making false allegations about me.
The neighbour took a fence panel down that I as a home owner are responsible for, he did this without my consent or notify me that this panel was damaged and falling down. He then burnt in in his back garden, since confronting him about this him and his wife and their children have been causing more trouble and phoning the authorities making strong allegations.
I have received a letter from the council in regards ***** ***** fence alledging that it's an unauthorised 8' fence, the fence is actually only 6 foot that replaces an 8/9 foot hedge that spread 3/4 foot over a public pathway on the council side. The fence is within my boundaries and now opens up the public foot path and a better view to the estate, this fence was put up by a police officer that does this as a second job.
Upon receiving this letter my daughter contacted the council as I was in Tenerife at the time, she explained to them it was only 6' but they wanted to come out to see and take photos, supposedly on Monday just gone, I phoned them Monday when got back from my holiday as I didn't want them to just come and go without speaking to me, it turned out the person was off sick so I asked for someone to contact me and let me know what was going on, I received a phone call at 2.07pm on Monday afternoon saying about this other person off sick and that was hoping to be back on Tuesday and that she would call to rearrange.
I did not receive this phone call and on Wednesday morning I received a phone call telling me I had to reduce my fence by a metre, half of what it is, so I passed the phone to my husband whom has refused to carry out this request, after chatting to my husband I phoned up this man that left a message on my house phone and asked how they came to this decision when they were supposed to meet up with me, to chat, he said he came out himself on Tuesday and measured and took photos, This is lies, I have CCTV footage for tuesdày and no one approached my property or my fence to take any evidence. The man on the phone said our estate was open planned and that no fences should be erected the same goes for hedges, our house has had this hedge around it since we moved in back in 2008, and was replaced by a fence in Jan this year due to me been disabled and unable to maintain the hedge and my husband works away. The neighbour however lives in an associated property, the association has themselves erected a 1metre fence on the said open planned area, of which we were told that nothing should be erected on this area, as I have said we are home owners and are well aware of our boundaries, where do we stand now. Thanks
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
Have the council actually been out please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

No not according to my cctv footage, I have viewed the footage and no one approaches the fence or is in close proximity to take photos.

Ok. The council can't do or make you do anything unless they have inspected if. Even if you refuse they have to issue a notice for you to reduce it when you can appeal.
You should complain to the chief off odds office of they try to. They will investigate your complaint and report back to you. If you are still not happy then you can complain to the local government ombudsman, they offer a free independent service at
Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?
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