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Sister died leaving insolvent estate.As next of kin I did the

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Sister died leaving insolvent estate.As next of kin I did the following.
1. No will
2. No estate as such
3. Housing Association house had to be cleared as rent would have accrued. 95% of items went to Recycling or charity shops.
4. No life insurance. Cremation paid for by myself.
5. Bank, Credit Cards. And a few other debts. All notified of death and pointing out that I had no liability whatsoever.
There is no executor is the aforementioned enough?
1. The one other thing I would do, if you haven't already done so, is to get a copy of the Death Certificate of your sister and send a copy of it to the bank, credit card companies and to the Housing ASsociation. This gives legal finality to the situation and allows no room for error. Apart from that, what you have done is sufficient.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

After I have done above. Can I legally refuse any other involvement. I am not an executor or administrator - merely next of kin and feel unable to deal with anything else as iI am in my seventies and the whole process has worn me out. If I inform the debtors that I have no further interest will this suffice?

2. Yes, this will suffice. You bear no responsibility in law for your sister's debts. Nor should you take out letters of administration to her estate as that will give rise to legal liability. YOu should just do nothing further.
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