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I wish to serve a sealed claim form on a defendant. I sent

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I wish to serve a sealed claim form on a defendant. I sent the sealed form to the defendant but have now realised (even though sent by special delivery) it will be served (under the rules if not practically) one day late. I do not want to go through an application for late service and so wondered if I could drive to the court, ask for another official sealed copy, and then take them and personally serve on the defendant. I have noted that the court does not like for copies to be served. Will the High Ct be able to provide another sealed copy (which would be stamped with the previous date) ?
Thank you for your question.
If you explain your circumstances to the court office and ask nicely - then there should be no problems with providing you with another copy. The date of issue will be the same. They might have to make a copy so they can retain if for their files and thus might ask you for a few pounds for photocopying fees.
Check what time the court office is open as sometimes the counters shut early and they only work on the telephone on the afternoon.
Remember to personally serve on the registered address and complete your statement of service form and send it back to the court.
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