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Good evening I have had some problems with my son and his

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good evening
I have had some problems with my son and his girlfriend and they have just a month ago had a baby and turned me away at the front door all because when I met her I asked her if she had Pakistan in her and then a few weeks later I asked her if she would like a no no for her lip hair and ever since then and throughout the pregnancy they both wont let me see the grandchild and its my first ever one. I feel so hurt over this as my son has turned his back on me and he is sticking by her through me not seeing my grandchild but I am hurting over this as I feel I should be able to see my grandson. Is there anything I can do about this ????
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
This young lady has made me have full arguments with my son which I have never had in his 22 years of living. I feel torn apart right now.
He also worked for me and recently handed his notice which is fine its his life but this means I have no contact in any way shape or form to seeing my grandson. I just want to know if there is anything I can do to get to see him.
My family is torn apart through all of this even his brother who he looked after as he is a spinal injury and this girl even verbally attached my disabled son over his brother and him having some banter while at work which I dealt with as a manager would.
I just feel that ok if they don't want to speak with me then fine but why stop me from seeing my grandson. I just feel that I am deeply hurt by this and having to ask questions to a solicitor is wrong anyway but they have left me no option as the little one is now a month old and yet I have not been able to smell him hold him or even have a picture of him which I text in the week and asked if he would do this. I know my son loves children and that when he told me at the door he would loose his family over this if he let me in to see his child but I am in bits and hurting so much now that I have had to ask someone like yourself for help because I do not know if there is anything I can do to at least see baby James. I do not know what to even write to you because I feel totally embarrassed regarding all of this.
Welcome to Just Answer
I am sorry to hear that you have fallen out with your son and his girlfriend.
If you are being denied the opportunity of spending time with your grandchild then you do not automatically have a right to make an application to the court. You would need to ask 'leave' of the court to bring an application to spend time with your grandchildr. In reality this means you would need to complete another form when making an application to the court and explaining in that form (and also at the first court hearing) why you would like permission to let the court deal with an application for you to spend time with your grandchild.
Before an application can be made to court, matters first have to be referred to mediation. If you do not do this the court will likely reject your application. You can self refer to mediation through an organisation such as National Family Mediation
If you can't resolve matters at mediation then you need to complete Forms C2 and C100 and send them to your local court seeking a child arrangement order to spend time with your grandchild. The court fee is £215.
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