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HiMy partner has been paying out £4000 a month to his ex

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My partner has been paying out £4000 a month to his ex wife for 10 years.
(Just to provide some background my partner and I have 9 year old twins and live together. I am the legal owner of half of our property and if my partner dies I am legally well provided for via life insurance and pension etc. I also have power of attorney).
My attitude to the monthly payment has always been, well if we can afford it then fine, I have never challenged it. However my partner recently decided that we could no longer afford these payments as our income has diminished. He went to his divorce solicitor and said that he wanted it to be reviewed. He gave his divorce solicitor all the current necessary background info. This solicitor also said that we needed a barristers opinion in writing. Money is tight at the moment and the solicitor said we would have to pay around £2000 for this. How can we get a cheaper opinion? He wants to go to his ex and have a civil conversation with a barristers letter in hand. She by the way is in a very strong position financially.
Thank you
Kind regards
Emma Hampson
More background -
Hello Emma
Thank you for your question. I can help you save money on the quote you have been given.
I note that your husband has been quoted £2k to get a barristers opinion in relation to the amount of maintenance that he should continue to pay his ex wife.
It is important to know that Barristers can be instructed directly now. This is a recent change in rules. It used to be that you had to instruct a solicitor to engage the services of a barrister. This is not the case any more and therefore you can cut out the middle man (aka the Solicitor) and instruct a barrister directly - saving the cost directly to you.
You should get the advice that you need at a fraction of the cost you have been quoted.
There are lots of direct access barristers. One such national service is the Direct Access Portal:
This service is actually supported by the Bar Council.
Kind Regards
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I would be grateful if you could kindly rate my answer
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