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I would like to put new words to nursery rhymes (I

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I would like to put new words to nursery rhymes (I have a list of about 50) but use the tune. Currently this will only be via my voice and playing no music in the background.
I would then like to quote the nursery rhyme I am referring to above each of the new rhyme words in a book.
Can I use all nursery rhymes in this way copyright free?
Many thanks Joanna
Many thanks
You probably can, depending on the rhyme as most, if not all traditional nursery rhymes are in the public domain and are not still copywrited - they can be used in the way you suggest.
I hope this answers your question but please ask if you require any clarification.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Probably can is a bit vague, are you saying if they are not copywrited anymore I can do all that I want to do with them?
Do you know where I can find out whether they are copyrighted or not?
Many thanks Joanna
Hi Joanna
Yea, you can use rhymes not under copywrite in the way you want.
Copyrite in a work is created automatically without the need for registration and lasts for 70 years after death of author. The rule is that straightforward.
After that they are public domain works and are not under copyright.
You will have to conduct your own research on each rhyme you intend to use to see whether it is copyrited.
The comment about 'probably can' was made with the above distinction in mind. I apologise if it caused confusion.
I hope this helps.
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