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So I've been a tenant at the property 20 months. My

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So I've been a tenant at the property for over 20 months.
My lease expired and it rolled over month to month.
The landlord came to inspect the property and made me aware that he wanted to sell it but not now.
We agreed another 6 months lease (verbally).
Then I received an email from him asking me to vacate within a month. He didn't honor his word.
I know that I have to agree to this, but I want to know if I have anything against him.
In the 20 months I've been a tenant not once has the gas safety been checked.
The boiler has never been checked either.
The deposit I paid was never protected in the government scheme.
A few repairs that needed to be done were never attended to.
Do I have a case against my landlord?
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
He should have checked the gas safety but unless there was an incident it is unlikely to result in very much action I'm afraid.
He should have secured the deposit. You do have a claim, in theory, for up to three times the sum of the deposit but I have never yet seen a court award more than the sum of the deposit. Shelter will tell you that you have a claim that should be pursued and there are organisations that do pursue them but they are not the money spinners they would have you believe.
The repairs might give rise to a claim for reduction of rent. It depends what they were. If you can give me more information upon that then I could offer more.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

There has been a problem with the bathroom window for over 6 months.It was never properly sealed and as a result the wood is damp and moldy around the entire lower half of the window.

another problem is the light outside my entrance door. I live on the first floor, I must walk through a corridor and upstairs to the door to my flat but the light above my door has never worked. I've slipped down the stairs a few times when I've not seen the last 2 steps, always minor injuries and bruises, but they've not replaced the light since I've asked them.

Has the mould stopped you using the bathroom?
Or had any impact on your health?
Also, what notice periods has he given you?
it would seem to be non compliant.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I've had no choice but to use the bathroom.

I've not wanted to.

The notice period has been a month, but only an email asking me to leave.

They can't give a month's notice. They have to give you two months notice.
Also, if they haven't protected the deposit then they cannot serve a S21 notice until they do.
You might have some general disrepair points. They are not the best in truth. If the mould had affected your health then your claim would obviously rack up several times over.
The deposit might be your best point here as the truth is that they don't know they won't be liable for up to three times the sum so might make an offer.