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My friend is really worried about his situation, he

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hello, my friend is really worried about his situation, he lives in uk and apparently he has taken the sum of money of £6000 from his job tonight due to his gambling problems and he spend it all, he is wondering whats gonna happen tomorrow when the manager of the shop finds out that money is missing from the safe, hope you can help me with this question. thanks
Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to answer this for you.
He will almost certainly be sacked and it is likely that his boss will call the police. If he is charged and either pleads guilty or is convicted of theft from his employer then there is a risk that he will get a short prison sentence.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
alright,thanks. i will inform him. also he is worried how is he gonna get arrested, will the police go to his home adress and broke down the door to arrest him inmediatly after his boss call the police, or how is the procedure?
If his boss is going to call the police he can ask the boss to give the police his number so that he can arrange a time to surrender. He should have a solicitor (free as if right) at the police station.
Some people simply don't like calling the police. His boss might be one of those and it might be a strategy for him to explain and confess everything to his boss, say he is getting help (and get help) from gambler's anonymous, and offer to pay it all back once he gets another job.
This would also help him in his sentencing if he does end up in court.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
alright many thanks, ***** ***** responses are really helpful,but as far as i know today his boss has called the police and its on their hands now , so my friend is at home worriyng if the police its gonna go to his house and break down the door to arrest him at any time during the night or the day. is this really going to happen in that way?
That is unlikely. It will depend on your friend's background Eg Has he got a record for violence? (I am guessing not). The police will likely come to his house at a time when they think he will be in. This may be quite early in the morning. They won't knock the door down they will knock at it.
If he wants to avoid the embarrassment of the police coming he should call the local police station and explain that he thinks he might be wanted. He may be able to arrange a convenient time to attend the police station and avoid the police coming to his house.
He could phone a local solicitor and they will probably do this for him without charging and attend the interview with him also without fee (legal aid is available for everyone not means tested in the police station).
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
alright many thanks! finally he got arrested last night, he spent the night there and he was released on bail with charges, do you have an idea if he is facing jail ?