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My wife and I had terrifying experience recently ion our Toyota

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My wife and I had terrifying experience recently ion our Toyota Prius hybrid car which suddenly accelerated out of control. Although noy injured the experience has left my wife so frightened she will not get back into the car and I too have been of the same mind. The upshot is that I have had to sell the car and buy a new replacement vehicle.
There have been many serious accidents world wide because of this problem and Toyota has settled large sums in America and Canada as a result. My question therefore is, do I have any redress because of this incident which has been well documented with Toyota?
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Was anything damaged? When did this incident happen?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

There was no physical damage but my wife still is fearful when getting into a car even though I have now replaced the car. We both nad a very frightening experience because of this incident which could easily have resulted in a serious if not fatal accident.

The incident happened in April of this year.

I understand. Was the car examined by an engineer and the problem documented?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Yes .However this was carried out by Toyota in Derby who maintained that a loose floor mat caused the problem. In my opinion this is nonsense as there are many incidents like this reported on the internet for all to see!

There are some issues: 1. The cost of pursuing a claim for the trauma will run into several hundred if not thousands of pounds. 2. The level of compensation for stress/anxiety will be very small indeed - probably less than £1,000. 3. Toyota is unlikely to accept liability in the absence of evidence of a faulty vehicle - the fact that there is anecdotal evidence elsewhere will not be sufficient. 4. Toyota undoubtedly has more resources to deal with a claim than you do - they are unlikely to accept your claim as an admission will open the way for others to pursue a similar claim which they would not want.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for your reply and I have noted all you say. I thought there may have been a Class Action in the UK similar to those already settled in America and Canada. Presumably there have been so few incidents of this nature in the UK for a class action to be considered worth pursuing.

Once again thank you for your advice.

Regards ***** *****

Good morning. There is no class action that I could find. Please take s moment to rate my answers. Happy to discuss further if needed.
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