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My mother died in September 1993 and to my knowledge did not

Customer Question

My mother died in September 1993 and to my knowledge did not leave a will. There are only me and my younger sister, She took over all the handling of the affairs of my mother. I know that there was life insurance which was cashed but I was never given any details and had no involvment in the process. I have since discovered that I have been told a lot of lies by both her and her husband. I am not looking to make a claim for any monies that may be involved but I would like to know if I should have been consulted about this process and if I maybe should have signed any sort of waiver in thgis respect. I was not asked to sign anything and never informed of the amount involved. in this case I can't help but wonder in someone else signed my name without my knowledge. Please advise' Yours faithfully ***** *****
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Buachaill replied 2 years ago.
1. Dear *****, if your mother died unmarried, then her estate would have been jointly inherited by yourself and your sister. This would mean that you would have been entitled to half the proceeds of any life insurance policy as well as half of any other assets your mother had. Your sister would either have to have misappropriated your mothers money and estate wrongly to herself or else forged your name stating you had assented to this process in order for her to have taken all your mother's things & estate. Accordingly, it appears as if your sister has perpetrated some form of fraud upon you. There is no time limit upon fraud, so you can still call your sister to account to you for the monies, even though your mother died in 1993. Accordingly, even though you state you don't want any money, I would advise you just to consider the situation before deciding what to do.