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I have to go to magistrates court in Torquay on 9th September

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I have to go to magistrates court in Torquay on 9th September as a witness, ( my partner tried to strangle me! ) Although he has apologized and will not let go of our relationship and wants to continue the relationship as before, and even move in with me and tie my property up with a part ownership. I do not like this ...however he seems determined to do this to bind us together for a permanent future relationship . He will be pleading not guilty as advised by his solicitor. he is expecting me to play the whole thing down , while he is pleading not guilty! I do not wish to antagonize the situation any further and just wish the whole thing would go away ! It is the police who are prosecuting as it was reported by my Doctor and I rescinded my statement . Do I need some help and advise in this at court ,would you think? If so Who and how soon can I expect a contact?
I look forward to your help
Mary Wallis Mrs
Hi Mary What you've described is essentially that you wish to withdraw your complaint against your partner. Unfortunately, it is the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) that decides whether to proceed with the prosecution - regardless of whether you've withdrawn your statement - if they have enough evidence to prosecute. If the CPS want to proceed you will be called to give evidence. What do you want to do?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I Know all that!. I just need to know if I should to have a legal representative with me at the court in case they need to ask many questions and dates etc;

Mary Wallis

You don't need a legal representative at Court as the Crown Prosecutor is practically speaking, your lawyer. So, in a sense, you already have a legal representative.I hope this answers your question but if you require clarification please ask.
I this answered your question please accept my answer. If not, please feel free to ask for further clarification.
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