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I have been charged today by police assault on a

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I have been charged today by police for an assault on a minor, which I do not deny, and I'm man enough to admit when I've done wrong, but some stuff from the witness statements which the police asked questions about are not true, punched/strangled victim, and used a set of keys on his genitals....which I vehemently deny, and to be honest they are all from the victims friends, and I got the distinct feeling their statements had been planned after the event The court date is 1st October where do I stand in regards ***** ***** against the untrue sections of the witness statements, I am happy to take it on the chin that I did grab the victim and pinned him to the ground! And gave him a good telling too. I was also pretty drunk at the time and the victim has previous with myself and severe bullying of my youngest boy, to the point where he tried suicide!!! And with the cheek again it was enough to break the straw on this camels back. I am normally very laid back. I do not deny that I grab him and pinned him to the ground
Is the court date your first appearance at court in relation to this matter?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes. First time I've been in trouble with police ever.
When you attend court you'll be given the opportunity to enter a plea - guilty or not guilty. You've said that you accept you assaulted the complainant but not to the full facts of the allegation. There are two options 1. Your lawyer can negotiate with the prosecution to drop some of the factual allegations against you in exchange for your plea. 2. If the prosecution does not agree and wants to press on your lawyer can list the case for a newton hearing - this is where you plead guilty but there is trial in relation to some disputed facts. Of course you can also plead not guilty and have a trial. If the evidence is strong, the prosecution are unlikely to accept a plea even if it does prompt a quick plea to a fairly serious charge. The details that you describe from the witness statements which you deny sound fairly serious but it really depends on the corroborating evidence (medical, eyewitness etc). You really need expert advice on the evidence but the above represents your general options. I hope I've answered your question but if you require any clarification please ask.
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