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We are a small organisation / club (see

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We are a small organisation / club (see and our members have regular meetings in their locality. During these meetings, they conduct ceremonies which do involve the use of candles and (blunt) swords.
These meetings are conducted in rented spaces that are provided by organisations like Cross Street Chapel in Manchester or a church or a Masonic Hall or any other organisation that is willing to let us use their space for a few hours a week or month for a fee.
My question is about insurance. Do we, as an organisation, have a legal obligation to provide insurance to cover our members should they get injured during these meetings?
The room bookings are not made by the organisation but by the members themselves who are responsible for finding the room and paying the rent for their meetings. Basically, they take responsibility for their own meetings. Do the members who are meeting or us as an organisation need to provide insurance cover?
On a related matter, is the responsibility of the organisations that provide the rooms for our meetings to have their own insurance cover for accidental damage that might be caused by our members during their meetings or do we need to provide insurance cover for that?
I am not sure who can give us some advice on this and hope that you can help.
Thank you.
It is not compulsory on the members or the organisation to hold insurance cover.
However, it would be prudent for the organisation to hold public liability cover in the event that a member gets injured during a meeting and decides to sue the organisation.
The owners of the premises are also not required to have insurance but they are obliged to ensure that the premises are safe as they could be sued for personal injury if a member got hurt on their premises.
Hope this helps
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi,Thank you for the information.Part of my question was about the possibility of accidental damage caused by a member during a meeting in a rented room. For example candle wax on a carpet or even a fire. Who would be responsible in that instance?
It would depend but normally the organisation would be responsible for the damage caused by its members. However, the member may also be personally liable if their were negligent in causing the damage.
All the best
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you.Let me summarise, to make sure I am understanding this correctly.Although it is not legally required for the organisation to have an insurance, it would be prudent to have an insurance that covers us for accidental damage caused by our members as we (the organisation) could be responsible for the damages caused by our members even if such damages are accidental and in a rented room.It would also be prudent for us as an organisation to have a public liability cover in case a member gets injured during such meetings and decides to sue the organisation.Is that correct?
Yes, correct. Prudent is the key word.
All the best
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for the advice.Kind regardsP.S please remove my name and the web address of the organisation from my first question if you are going to publish it on your recently answered questions box on your site. Thank you.