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My husband cheated on me with a man and I understand that means

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My husband cheated on me with a man and I understand that means we can't get a divorce on the grounds of adultery.
My question is... could we get a divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behavior and if so, does the rule that he should move out within 6 months of the day I found out still apply in that case?
If I wanted to give him another chance it feels weird to have a deadline put on it. Is there a chance for divorce if I decide that therapy doesn't work and I have done all I could to make it work but more than 6 months have passed?
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It does not matter if you are still residing together for a petition based upon your husbands unreasonable behaviour. You can choose to petition for unreasonable behaviour at any point after you have been married for 1 year.
For a petition based upon unreasonable behaviour you need 6 - 7 reasons of why you can no longer remain married to your husband. You can choose to make the reasons as amicable as possible if you want to such as 'he didn't pay me enough attention'.
When you commence divorce proceedings - you can withdraw your application from the court at any point up until you have obtained decree absolute - if you decided you wanted to reconcile.
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