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I settled finacially with my ex in Feb 2015 it was agreed by

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I settled finacially with my ex in Feb 2015 it was agreed by the judge that he would pay 1200.00 Child maint and spousal maint £800.00 for a max 4 years. He is in a massivley paid job and has not declared any payslip to prove his earnings so the court had to go on what was coming into his bank account which was little under £10.000 a month as he a systems engineer Hes self employed and get paid by way of a loan from a offshore account (dodgy).
I returned from a short holiday last week to a solicitors letter from him saying he had taken a big pay cut and now he cannot afford to pay just the £800.00 and that if i couldnt mediate with him he would take me back to court. the letter states that he will only be on £2000.00 a month after bills. I have obviously a few concerns.
1) he wouldnt take such a high pay cut as he has a huge standard of living as he races motor bikes which in turn costs £500 per racing weekend.
2) he has sold both the married home of £345.000 and a second smaller property of £110.000
3) he has brought another but is just building a extention
4) he has a girlfriend she doesnt work as new baby but there is two of them and one of me with our two kiddies
5) He will not show a finacial decliration of a payslip again like he got away with in court
6) this spousal maint was meant to be to help me get back on my feet after divorce as i was on benefits. I work full time now and iv had to move to a rented propety so i have more out goings since divorce settlement.
Please can i have some advice :(
Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare
I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first
Does the letter actually say why he has had to take the pay cut?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

No, he had attached a letter from employer and it was just the T's & C's. and no sallery information or anything. It states in the latter that he has taken a significant pay decrease and is now earning £37,000 per Annum. but nothing to back it up again.

He didnt provide any finacial discolure during court about how much he actually got paid and he wont with this one. He is very good at hiding things and even though he was ordered for a disclosure by the judge he still didnt provide it and got away with this one.

You should write back to the lawyer saying that if he provides full financial disclosure for the last twelve months then you are willing to consider the matter (this does not mean that you will agree)
Point out that this is what the Court will require as well
Whilst it is likely that your ex has created some complicated financial vehicle to try and reduce the payments his previous record makes it unlikely that the court will agree to this unless there is a substantial capital payment to you
I hope that this is of assistance - please ask if you need further details
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you Clare thats what i was hoping to hear, but what if he doesnt provide this again like in court? I feel like its not a fair way of being done seeing as i provided a 12 month disclosure plus payslips.

Then it is unlikely that the Court will reduce the payments - they do not like being ignored!
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