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Suppose you are in the United Kindom and you get searched by

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Suppose you are in the United Kindom and you get searched by police and they find a metal object in your pocket. The object is basically a kind of door knob or handle related device. While sure, you could use it as a weapon when striking them, that was farthest from your mind.. Now even though there is no ordinary reason why an ordinary person would want to carry this object around in their pocket everyday, this person carries it around everyday because he likes the object and it means something personal to him. Maybe he likes to pretend in his mind that its some space age tool or something. Would he still get charged for carrying something that could be an offensive/defensive weapon even though that was not his intention?
Hello is this a hypothetical scenario or has it actually happened?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hypothetical, but Ive known of people that are just imaginative and different.

It depends really. I'm not sure that a door handle alone would be sufficient. A base bat certainly would unless there were evidence that it was being used legitimately.If there were some evidence that he intended to use it to commit acts of violence then they certainly would charge. It depends on the object though. A normal door handle probably not. A heavy ornate door knob probably they would.It is never possible to hypothesise. These things depends on the facts of the case.If you can be more specific about the type of object I might be able to offer more?Jo
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