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In 2006 my then husband was found to have securely abused my

Customer Question

In 2006 my then husband was found to have securely abused my two daughters and my niece he admitted to abusing my youngest daughter and my niece, but not my eldest daughter. He was sentenced to 8 years. He is now out of prison and I'm a hostel. I divorced him as soon as I possibly could and was awarded the matrimonial home. There is a villa in Greece and a plot of land. I'm the order it stated he would keep the villa and I would get the land obviously my name was to be taken of the villa and his off the land forthwith. I paid for a Greek solicitor to draw up a document to deal with the above, she also sent one to him in prison. I paid for a solicitor In Cambridge to finalise the document have it sent to the Greek Embassy and an Apostle added. He sent his back handwritten and left certain parts out which was no use whatsoever. I have asked numerous times through his parole officer to bring this matter up nut he refuses to do anything about it.I know he is doing this so he still has some control over me. I have to pay every year for the grass cutting as it is a fire risk which over the last 9 years has amounted to over €1000. The Greek solicitor now says if I can get the order amended over here to include the full address of the Greek property then she will have to send to Athens to sort and says this will cost £2000 plus her fees this is the only way the names can be changed for the villa and land, but once again he has nothing to pay and I can't afford it. Could I take him to Court here because he has done nothing at all to adhere to the Court order Can nothing be done to make him sort this out I have waited 9 years I need closure on what was the most horrendous time in my family's lives I also need to change my name, but can't do it toll this is sorted for fear of making it even more complicated. I don't even know what solicitor to go to to help.

Sorry just realised I put wrong time zone I'm I live in England

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law