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I have issued my tenants a section 21, the date they were due

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i have issued my tenants a section 21, the date they were due to move out was on the 7th September, they are moving out as the have been rehoused by the council by i don't know when,possibly within the next 2 weeks, they owe me money for rent and they have removed carpet that i have not authorised and not replaced it, the outside area is in a mess too as they are using outside as a tip. i was wondering what i need to do next, if there is any way i can get the money owed to me if they move?.
Hi I will try and help
Did you take a deposit from them when they moved in?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Matt

they were meant to give me 1st months rent and a deposit they only gave my one amount and then the rent wasn't paid for 2 months initially then they weren't paying the shortfall so i used the initial amount that was given to payoff shortfall. so no

Ok thanks. And so what do you want to happen? to force the issue and evict them, or just the recovery of the arrears, damage etc?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Defiantly recovery the money and damage, not sure if i really need to issue anything to evict them as I'm sure they are going as by the looks of it they are boxing things up at the moment, but whilst they are there no rent is being paid.

Do they work?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok. Well in my experience there is a balancing act to be had against trying to recover what is owed to you, and throwing good money after bad. the tenants have a contractually obligation to pay the rent and to keep the property in good condition and to leave the property as they find it (subject to fair wear and tear, and you being able to provide evidence of the damage over what the property was like when first let). Assuming you have their forwarding address you can issue a money claim on line against the tenant for your loss at this address ( which starts the court process. However what may happen is that you pay the court fees, obtain the judgement and then simply never get paid as the tenant don't have the money, or any assets. I am afraid this can be the harsh reality. it is sometimes better to simply tidy up after them, write off the rent arrears and put your efforts into to finding a better tenant.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

ok thank you for your help, yes i agree better tenants, this couple are the last DSS tenants that i have and never again.