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Can I please have the opinion of a criminal lawyer.

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Can I please have the opinion of a criminal lawyer.
I realise what I am asking for here is a personal opinion and not really a matter of fact answer ...
Would you say it's is fair to call the UK a police state?
To what extend have the civil liberties and freedoms of UK citizens been taken away?
Thanks for your time and answer
1. It would not be fair to call the UK a police state. It might be fair to call the UK a law and order society. But it is not fair to say that it is a police state where what the police decide goes and in which the police dominate over its citizenry. In the UK the police have draconian powers, most notably under Part 13 of the Terrorism Act which allows police to detain people without trial. However, most if not all, police powers are subject to review by the courts and should you be harshly treated by the police, there is both the remedy of obtaining your liberty and also of suing them for money damages. Countries which amount to police states see people being detained without trial and having their civil liberties trampled upon. The UK isnot such a country and in fact takes in many thousand asylum seekers each year, many of whom have lived in police states and will testify that the UK is a place where police powers are circumscribed.
2. Civil liberties and freedoms have been taken away in certain areas and in certain respects. Any hint of terrorism or suggestion of terrorism greatly corrodes the protections given to people arrested. So too are the rights to freedom association curtailed in the UK by only permitting marches or demonstrations to occur should assent be given by the local Chief constable. Disturbance of privacy and personal freedom by intelligence gathering never comes to light given the extensive secrecy given to the activities of the domestic UK intelligence agencies. These are some examples of where civil liberties and freedoms have been harshly imposed upon by the excessive granting of police powers in the UK. All are justified in the name of law and order.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your answer. Much appreciate your time.