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My granddaughter and fiancé went to live with her finace's

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My granddaughter and fiancé went to live with her finace's father and stepmother when he lost his job and they could not stay in the flat they had. They had little or no money but had quite a few possessions (not of great value). For a couple of weeks until they sorted themselves out they had not income. However eventually they did get some work and he took most of the money they earned for their keep. They were very cramped and had to share a bedroom with his half sister and brother. After a few months things were getting out of hand and they decided they had to get out but still had no money to find a place of their own. When they said they were going to leave his father and stepmother went into a rage and said that they could not take anything with them until they paid them £5500 which is what they said they owed for their stay - we are talking April - August. The tirade was so abusive that they left with the clothes they stood up in and were told that their possessions were going to be sold. There is no reasoning with them they are adamant that they have to pay them this money. The father and stepmother are both on benefits, would their staying at their house have affected their benefit entitlement? We do not believe that they would have told the benefits agency of their stay.
Thank you for your question.
There would be no issue as regards ***** ***** money was changing hands as regards ***** ***** lodging and from what you say this was not the case and indeed is the source of the conflict. If they didn't pay any money for their keep it wouldn't affect the father and stepmother's benefits.
I hope that helps.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I do not think you have fully understood what I said It was only for the first 3 weeks that no money was exchanged, once they had some income coming in they were handing over almost all their unemployment benefits and when they had work they had to give him almost all of that which was far more than their unemployment benefits.

In that case the elders should have been declaring their additional income to the DWP. If they didn't do that then they are receiving benefits without declaring income and that could be a criminal offence.
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