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I came to this country on student visa on sept 2011-oct 2013. Then i applied again

Customer Question

Hello, i came to this country on student visa on sept 2011-oct 2013. Then i applied again but the college got revoked. Meanwhile i was in relationship with an european girl and we had a baby. Hence i applied for FLR(FP). Unfourtunately our relationship ended and she denined to give access to my baby. I filled form C1 and form C100 to get access to see my daugther. She claims i just want to be in contact with baby for immigration purpose only which is not true. Hence i wanted to change my visa back to tier 4. Is it possible to switch from Flr(fp) to student visa again? Please guide me on this. thank you very much
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Buachaill replied 2 years ago.
1. You would be very foolish to change your status from FLR(FP) which is based on your status of parent of an EU child TO That of a student under Tier 4. This is because your current status as FLR(FP) gives you the right to both live and work in the UK until the child is 18 IN ORDER FOR YOU to provide for that Eu citizen child. You can apply for settlement and permanent right to remain after five or ten years residence in the UK depending upon circumstances. HOwever, if you seek to revert to Tier 4, you are liable to be deported once your course as a student is up. Additionally, being a student only gives a limited right t o work and earn money. Its primary purpose is that you learn as a student. So I would advise you to stick with the FLR(FP) AND NOT be changing it. Ignore your former girlfriends rubbish about using the child for immigration purposes. You have had the child and you should provide for that child. That entitles you to live and work in the UK. So make sure you make all necessary maintenance payments to the mother for the child. This will also help your access application.