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Buachaill, Barrister
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Alex, I am a freelance graphic designer. I work design agencies. I am no

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Hi Alex,
I am a freelance graphic designer. I work for various design agencies. I am now looking to set up my own website and am wondering about showing work that I have created for other design agencies. I have signed various 'Confidentiality agreements' with design agencies. I wonder if I can legitimately show work on my website that I created for other design agencies?
1. I regret to say that you cannot show work on your website which you created whilst employed by other agencies. This is because the intellectual property, such as copyright and design rights belongs to your former employer with a licence having being granted to their client to use it. As an employee, you have no design or copyright rights in this work as you created it whilst employed by someone else. You will have to create your own work afresh in order to be able to show it on your website. If you show work created whilst employed, your former employer can get an injunction compelling you to take down their designs and work. The fundamental rule is what the employee creates for the employer in an employment relationship belongs to the employer, not the employee.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Buachaill,

Many thanks for your answer. It is exactly what I was expecting to hear.

Looks like I'll have to create some fake projects :-)

Kind regards,


2. Dear *****, Sorry to have to disappoint you. The famous case here is that of the inventor of the ubiquitous Post-it notes who invented them whilst with MMM plc and who was held to have to hand them over to the company when he went to set up on his own selling them. Please RATE the Answer as otherwise the expert does not get paid by the website.
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