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I am british what i can do an iragi man but still

Customer Question

i am british what i can do for marry an iragi man but still live in iraq ?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Buachaill replied 2 years ago.
1. You can get married in Turkey, but in order for the marriage to be recognised in the UK, you will need to ensure that the marriage is valid according to Turkish law. Normally, there is some form of residency requirement for a marriage in a country to be valid. So you should check this out with a Turkish lawyer, as if you cannot get validly married in Turkey, you should seek some other country where you can get married validly. 2. However, your Iraqi man cannot come to the UK on a tourist visa and get married in the UK and hope to stay. This is because a visa to visit the UK WILL not be granted for the purposes of coming to the UK TO Get married. So you will have to marry in Turkey, or Iraq or some other country. Then once married, as you are a UK citizen, YOUR husband can get a spousal visa to come and live and work in the UK. 3. An application for a spousal visa is made online on Form VAF4A. Here is a link to the relevant form which you can view together with instructions about what is required. YOur future husband will need a copy of his passport and marriage certificate. So ensure you get a legally valid marriage certificate if you get married in Turkey. Be aware also, that you will have to earn more than £18,600 in order for you future husband to be able to join you and live with you in the UK. The reason for this requirement is so that neither of you become a burden on social assistance in the UK. The UK will not take in non nationals who then claim social welfare.