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Good afternoonI am litigant in person dealing ith a

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Good afternoon I am litigant in person dealing ith a boundary dispute and harassment claim against a neighbour. Neighbour is legally represented. A directions hearing is due to take place and neighbours solicitor has been sending me threatening message prior to the directions haring alleging that I have damaged tress plants , pond etc by piling up rubble close to the boundary. The work has been carried out by an experienced landscape designer with care. Their solicitor is trying to discredit me . Can I ask the judge to deal only with the directions hearing(to appoint a single joint expert to determine boundary), a tree and pond survey(arborist) etc and not entertain anything else.

Will the judge be looking at anything else i.e. costs at this stage (I would rather not). If the case proceeds to a hearing I will be using  a solicitor or a barrister.Mediation has failed recently.

Neighbour is disputing my survey and wishes to rely on statement from friends and family that they have used a strip of land for over 50 years(this does not match with title deeds or my survey)

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
No, its just directions at this stage. Costs are only dealt with at application or trial stage.
You can get a public barrister to help you if you wish.
Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you. Will I be given an opportunity to speak first?

Neighbours son who is 29 has been removing my security labels from my fence(warning there is 24 hr cctv recording on these premises) and sticking them onto my letter box). There are only 3 houses on the street and 1 neighbour is away so I know it is him.dont think there is muchhpoint reporting this to police. also writing comments on papers and sticking them on my table or fence.

I have already written draft directions, how soon should they be sent to the court(hearing is in 8 days). do they need to be agreed with defendants

Directions are straight forward, its to timetable the matter so it gets be listed for trial If they can be agreed that will be easy for the Judge and if you can agree them it always helps.
If not the Judge will see which parts are not agreed and then resolve that. You will be given final directions at trial.
Does that help?
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