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Appalling holiday experience

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I have been waiting for several weeks for a reply regarding my complaint regarding our appalling holiday experience with a company called Love Holidays.
We were supposed to fly on the 9th of August to Corfu but missed our flight due to my bag being stolen at Gatwick airport departure lounge and having to speak to the police. I was unable to inform the company due to being kept on hold for nearly two hours by the company who then closed for the night. When we arrived on the next flight the next day - too early to call the holiday company as they did not open till 9 am and we flew at 5.55 am. We arrived only 11 hours late and were told without apology that our all inclusive accommodation had been given away. The management said it was not their problem, informed me that they had no telephone and we had to leave. They tried to throw myself and two 11 year old children out. They did not offer any attempt at apology or even a cup of water. I had to phone the company several times at premium rates each time for an hour, causing a significant increase in my mobile phone bill. When we were waiting for alternative accommodation I had to go to the local shop to buy water and food as we had nothing since 4 in the morning. The hoteliers tried to make me take my children with me into a 35 degree heat. When I insisted this would not happen I left my boys behind and whilst I was away the hotel staff behaved in an appalling manner. They bullied and very much threatened my children shouting at them to 'get out.' there was nowhere to go outside with any shade. My boys are well behaved polite young men but even if they were not there is no excuse for such threatening and intimidating behaviour to minors.
We were found alternative accommodation which I had to pay to transport us to. 50 Euros. It was a pleasant hotel but not full board and I incurred significant expense to feed us. We had to return to the original hotel much against my will 3 days later, again costing me 50 Euros to travel there.
The company said they would immediately reimburse me, but I have not even had an apology from them. Or even any acknowledgement of any kind from them.
The original hotel was dirty. Human faeces were smeared up the walls in the bathrooms. Our room smelt permanently of faeces, we were unable to use the toilet as the seat would not lift up. The food was not fit for pigs, some of the meat they served was actually rotten. I incurred significant expense just to feed us - nearly 500 Euros. Having spent a great deal of time in the developing world in particular Asia, citing the recession as the reason for this holds no water. I have seen incredible food prepared in temporary kitchens at religious festivals and also in the streets where there are strict religious requirements to prepare food for various backgrounds. There was no excuse.
The karaoke played till 3am blaringly and they refused to put us in a different room despite my asking on many occasions. My children were severely sleep deprived. As a Midwife working shifts I am used to this but don't expect to have to put up with it when I have paid to go away.
The final insult was when they repeatedly played on the karaoke Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris who we are all aware are convicted paedophiles.
I asked around amongst the locals and apparently this particular 'hotel' has a long time and deserving reputation for abysmal services, poisonous food and aggressive threatening behaviour from the staff. The company consequently must know this and therefore their continuing to send their clients there is not just fraudulent but plain theft.
I have travelled all over the world, sometimes in desperate situations. I have managed well in a country where I was sealed in when a military coup took place without the hassle I had here. I have cycled solo through west Africa. And been stuck in the middle of a gun battle in Mexico City. I am not making a fuss, they are truly awful in terms of what they are selling and their customer service. It was my first and will be my last ever package holiday.
I am a single parent and did not budget for having to spend an additional 1300 Euros on top of an all inclusive holiday that was sold to me as being 4 star and I would not even give it a 1 star.
I have repeatedly contacted them by phone as they do not reply to emails and the only answer I receive is they are looking into my case. No apology, no acknowledgement of my enquiries, nothing, certainly no monies they promised to supply me with.
Hopefully you may be able to help in some way.
Kind regards, *****
Hi I have now linked this up thanks, ***** ***** have a complaint against the hotel but have you made a claim against your travel insurance for the additional costs caused by the theft of your bag?
What outcome are you seeking here?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I want to be reimbursed for the money that the holiday company originally promised. Transportation, additional food expenses, my increased mobile phone bill.

They also need to acknowledge that where they are sending people to stay in this particular hotel is unacceptable and that they will not be doing this to other customers in future.

I do have an ongoing claim via my insurance that is being dealt with to cover other expenses like flights and having to purchase clothes whilst away. This was not the problem of the holiday company and being dealt with separately, I might add with a great deal more speed, efficiency and better manners.

Ok, but presumably at least some of the losses i.e the transportation to the alternative hotel and additional food expenses may be covered by your insurance as well? It is worth checking this out. I understand your anger at the company for failing to keep promises but if the insurance covers these items I would not omit to claim from them.
With regards ***** ***** holiday company have you threatened legal proceedings in breach of contract with them or just written a complaint letter at this stage?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

They do not reply when I email them, not even any acknowledgement. I have threatened legal proceedings but have still had no response.

Are they based in the UK? Do you have a UK postal address for them?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I think they are based in the Isle of Man but their contact address is below

us at the address below:
Worthing House
2 –*****br/> Worthing
West Sussex
BN11 3AE
Hi that's good that they are in the UK much easier to deal with than if they were based abroad.
I would advise you to write a letter (recorded delivery) to their address.
This letter should describe the situation as set out to me in this question.
It should then say that you consider that they are in breach of contract and have misrepresented the holiday at the point of sale.
You should say that if they do not refund you the cost of the holiday within 14 days (or come up with a suitable alternative suggestion) you will lodge a claim in the county court.
You will then be able to lodge a claim, the easiest way to do it is on money claim online .
Hopefully they will respond to your letter.
If you have any further questions please ask. If I have answered your question I would be grateful if you would take the time to rate my answer. Thank you and all the best.
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