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Problem neighbour

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problem neighbour
Can you please provide some further information - thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I am ground floor flat leaseholder, the upstairs neighbour is also a leaseholder. we both moved in at nearly the same time in 2007. right from the beginning she was a problem. she always had drugy's coming around due to her boyfriend. they broke the communal door many times. i always used to get it repaired. the front was in a bad state always and even though it belonged to her i had to clean it to keep it safe and clean.

she never paid for any repair. the guttering used to leak, she used to throw nappies in toilet blocking the drains and we being on the ground floor had to get it sorted. Even though as per the lease she had to sort out the leaking guttering she didnt do anything. we had to pay for all the repairs. though she said she will pay to us but never did. She is also a nuisance that her husband smokes inside the house, they play loud music all night. they get drunk and fight and break our doors all night, all their friends and family come and ring our bell in the middle of the night because she dont want to sort out her bell. her bathroom leaks all the time from toilet/bath into our kitchen damaging our kitchen ceiling and appliances. my children got sick due to coming in contact with dirty water and were off from school for few days. Police, council and ASB team got involved and it seems the court is the only option left for me. When we come home she will stand and block the front door and call us and our 4 years old twin daughter as animals.

I have written to her so many time to pay me the money i have spent which she promised she will pay but no good.

I have all the proofs, audio, video, letter etc for the last so many years.

Please help.

What is the freeholder doing? How much money has this cost?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Freeholder tried to mediate and came around but this lady didnt turn up for the meeting. i pay ground rent every year to the freeholder. I dont know how else we can use the freeholder.

It has costed me around 7-8K on damage repairs.

You will need to check the terms of your lease but strictly speaking it should be the freeholder who should taking legal action against the other leaseholder for breaches of the lease. If there are items of direct loss between you and the leaseholder then you can obviously bring a claim in the small claims court for compensation. Happy to discuss. Please remember to rate positively
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