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Kasare, Solicitor
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I run a coach company last year a car ran in to the side of

Customer Question

I run a coach company last year a car ran in to the side of my coach causing damage to the ofside of my coach the person in the car phoned the office on that day saying he would pay for the damage if we did not put it through the insurance which I thought better not go that way the coach was brought back to the yard for inspection where it was not suitable to use I then contacted my insurance broker Wrightsure who told me that because my vehicle was third party fire and theft they would not to be able to help me hire another vehicle to cover my work they said the only way to go was for me to hire a vehicle and they would try and recover my costs for the hire they told me to get two estimates for repairs which I did at this point the driver of the other vehicle tried to say it was not his fault which delayed things with me still hiring a coach with costs building up at the scene of the accident there was a witness who gave his name address and tel no to my driver saying the car was doing 50 in a 30 zone this was given to my insurance company at the time with accident form my insurance told me that they could not get anyone on the phone all this time I have still got coach on hire at 200 pound per day I was told that they had been in touch with the other persons insurance and he was denying it was his fault I asked my insurance company to give me the witness number and I will try phoning him when I did I got a answer right away although it was probably about 7 pm I explained to him that I was the coach owner and my my insurance company were trying to contact him he told me that he received a letter recently but has not been able to get it done as he has been Woking late hours but would fill in form as soon as he could I phoned my insurance the following day to tell them I had been able to contact the wittnes I also told them at this time I am getting concerned about my hire costs as the coach was still in yard with no one even been sent to look at the damage within about another week they phoned to tell me they had received the witness statement and if could get 2 estimates for repairs I called np rolls of Andover who said they will send someone 3 to 4 days also the person who hired me the coach Cresta both gave estimates my insurance told me that they have decided that it should go to np rolls it took a whe to get the vehicle repaired the total days before I got coach back was32days the amount my insurance repaid was 16days I am trying to recover my loses I would appreciate some advice thank you
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Kasare replied 2 years ago.
Hi, thank you for your question, I will assist you with this.
Can you please just to clarify, how much were the repairs and the hire and has any of this been paid and if so by who?
Have your insurers not been in touch with the other driver's insurance company?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for coming back to me, the repairs were £1864.00 this was paid by us and reimbursed by our insurance. However the total hire cost was £6400.00 + vat and we have only had £3200.00 of this back.
Our phone number is ***** 326412.
Many thanks
Expert:  Kasare replied 2 years ago.
Hi Brian
Thanks for coming back to me, but you haven't provided all of the information. What I will do is answer what I can now (and mark this is an answer) and if you can provide further detail I will continue with my assistance, ok? Please do not leave a negative rating etc until you provide all the information and I can come back to you.
So who paid part of the hire costs? Your insurer or the other vehicle's?
Essentially what needs to be done is a legal claim for the outstanding hire sum. However, you need to find out the manner in which this was paid - i.e. did your insurer accept this in "full and final settlement"?
If not, then you need to ascertain from your insurer what they are doing to resolve the remaining outstanding hire and advise them that if this is not recovered you wish to instigate legal proceedings against the other vehicle's insurer. This information is required. If you do not have the full information from your insurer, who appear to have been dealing with this up to now, then you must ask.
It is wholly unreasonable for you to be left out of pocket if the other driver and his insurer have accepted responsibility and paid for the damages - they should reimburse you the hire. Occasionally, the other sides insurer will try and reduce the hire paid as to what they believe is "reasonable" but if you have provided quotes to your insurer first, then you should insist on the full amount being reimbursed.
Any further questions, please ask.