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Late last year, during a period of stress, my hair was falling

Customer Question

Late last year, during a period of stress, my hair was falling out & becoming very thin & whispy. I went on line to look for products which might help & ordered a product which came from America. It was hopeless, but that is NOT my problem. I must have ticked some box which entitled me to a FREE TRIAL OFFER of a reasonably good face cream. I was pleased when it came & I used it. A month later another jar arrived - by this time I was almost totally immersed in the problems created by the serious illness of our handicapped son - I assumed I had got another FREE GIFT - and used it. Since then, I have received each month an e.mail message saying that I had ordered this jar of cream & the cream duly arrived. My husband realised that a sum was being taken out of our Visa account for this product. I began to get cross, but was still too busy to do anything about it. Our son died in April & now I have time & mental energy to tackle this problem. I tried to cancel the "order" by e.mail, but this isn't possible as there is no e.mail address. My husband contacted our Bank, explained the problem & they cancelled the direct debit. Since then, the e.mail has arrived at the beginning of the month & the jar of REVITOL cream has arrived a few days later. For 2 months I returned the product to the "return address" given - the first time to USA (I have the Post Office proof of postage) the second time to a different "return address" near London. Since then, the "return address" is in CYPRUS !!! which I regard as suspicious. I have kept the jars of cream un-opened & we are not paying for them - the Bank takes care of that. I discovered last month that the Delivery Firm has a Customer Help e.mail address. I have tried to solve this problem by e.mailing Customer Service: No Result. I discovered that there is a link from from this web address to a page of Customer comments - ALL of which were condemnatory - comments such as "No help at all" "these guys are a crooks" "you need a Lawyer to get yourself out of any business with websupportcenter" etc.
My questions 1 How do I persuade them to stop sending me the jar of cream which I have no intention of paying for. 2 what do I do with the jars of cream - for which I have not paid & I will not use ?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
Have you paid by credit card?