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My father is Iranian and he is 80 years old my mum has

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Hello,My father is Iranian and he is 80 years old my mum has passed away last year.I would like to apply for my dad to have biritish passport.I live in England for nearly 18 years with my husband and my two sons.During these 18 years my parents didn't have any problemes to come here they had visa all the time.I just want to know can he apply to have biritish passport?
Kind Regards,
1. Has your father a passport of one of the Countries of the european union or of the european economic area (EEA)? Would he be considered "dependent" upon you? Would you be able to look after him and fund his time in the UK if he came here, so that he wouldn't need social assistance? Do you and your husband earn more than £18,600?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My father's got Iranian passport and he is independent and he is happy to use everything private and every time when my parents been here they've paid everything and me and my husband earn more than £18000 my husband is dentist. Please don't hesitate if you need more information .
Could you please tell me is he intitled to have British passport ?
Many Thanks
2. Dear Sima, Your ascendents, such as your father no right based on you having British citizenship to gain British citizenship. It is only your descendents, such as your minor children, who have the right to gain British citizenship, based on your own citizenship. So your father has no right to British citizenship based on your citizenship.
3. So if your father wishes to acquire British citizenship, he will have to do so on the basis for five years continuous residence. One of the basis upon which your father can claim a residency visa in the UK is if he is a "dependent relative" of yours and needs you to look after him. Until now, your father has only had a visitor's visa when he came to the UK. However, you need more than £18,600 in annual earnings under this heading. This is why I asked you the previous question about your income together with your husband's income. Here is a link to where you can apply