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My Wife lives with me in the UK AND SHE HAS GOT THE RESIDENCE

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My Wife lives with me in the UK AND SHE HAS GOT THE RESIDENCE PERMIT ISSUED 14/05/13. which IS GOOD.
But its a very big problem because it dose not say spouse of Paul Edgar.
Trying to go on holiday in Europe is a nightmare getting visa's.
We have been to Finnland and the customers officer said if the UK RESIDENCE CARD said spouse of Paul Edgar .She would not need any visas for Eurpope.
The old documents said all said spouse of Paul Edgar,but we never tried.
Can you advise which is the best way to go forwards on this difficult matter.
My wife is Chinese and is indefinite leave to remain residence permit.
Thanks for your help
1. Are you a UK national?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Yes since birth and we have 2 children with UK PASSORTS.

2. On 14th May, 2016, your wife will be able to make an application for naturalisation and UK citizenship. At this point in time, she will get a british passport and the problem will resolve itself. In the meantime, I would just advise you to apply for a visa well in advance of travelling. Here is a link to making an application for citizenship
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

She runs my Chinese IMPORT EXPORT COMPANY in Ningbo China.

I'm the owner of this Business but it would make things very complicated if he changed her passport to English.

So we would not to go for the British passport.

Any other way round this?

Thanks for your help?

Before always been told no you need to apply for visa's

3. Dear *****, your wife does not have to change her passport to English. She can acquire a British passport and still retain her Chinese passport. It is perfectly possible under UK law to have dual nationality. Just because you apply and get British citizenship, this does not mean that you have to give your Chinese citizenship. Your wife would merely have two passports - one british and one Chinese. In this way, it would not affect your business in china which she runs.
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