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I "confronted" two school girls on a part of my property 11/09

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I "confronted" two school girls on a part of my property 11/09 at lunchtime. They admitted to leaving food and various containers, cups, forks etc over my land and when questioned admitted this sighting "so what"
A lecture followed by me about pride and respect followed by me bending down towards the one girl. The intention was to pick up a empty chip container by her side and say "leaving the likes of these types of boxes behind for people like me to collect etc"
At this point one girl shouted F*** you come on were going". She then went to get up at which point her hair got caught in my watch not much but enough to off balance her and for her to stumble. I think I caught her hair and instinctively tried to stop her from falling but cannot be sure.
At this point the second girl bellowed out "you`ve ragged her hair" ad then both simply went into torrents of abuse.
I then said go back to school etc and waked off. There were heated words including me
What appears a few minutes later one girl took a photo of me from behind and the following day placed this on facebook with the text "if anyone knows who this is let us know he attacked us yesterday". I went to the Police immediately and explained and included a request for them to contact one of the girls to have the text removed as my daughter went to the school and I was concerned for her safety not to mention the harassment . I was asked to return the following day to make a statement. The following day facebook got worse and names, my house were named together with calls made to my family. I went to the station early to try to sort this only to be told a statement would not be taken that night
The incident had been reported by the school what was then two days ago and that the two girls were being interviewed 14th at 9.00am Again I asked about Facebook and the police said nothing could be done other than contacting the parents and asking for the posts to be removed. The posts remained that night
I was told I "might be contacted" and to my knowledge the girls were interviewed.
As of today no one has been in contact, numbers and full details were provided. One legal adviser has advised to let sleeping dogs lie. Facebook posts were removed all of them Monday 14th quite late in the afternoon
Is it possible the police might never be in touch
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
Yes. The Police may have interviewed the girls and decided that no offence had been committed and therefore no further action would be needed. Therefore they may never be in touch.
I would agree with the legal adviser - let sleeping dogs lie. You dont want to go through the upset of an unnecessary Court case if you try to drag this up.
Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?
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