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I married a Thai woman in Thailand in February 2008 by Civil

Customer Question

I married a Thai woman in Thailand in February 2008 by Civil Ceremony. When she received her Visa I returned to Thailand and although we were legally married she insisted on a Thai Wedding Ceremony. We returned to my home in Scotland and were together until December 2011, and have lived separated since then. On my first trip I met her all her family but not her X? Thai husband, on my second visit he attended our wedding. My wife's explanation was that she had invited him so that he witnessed the marriage and she was now my wife. Every day after that he was at their family home, installed a desktop computer, so there was internet in the house, previously she said that there was no land line available, he would take us out in his new pickup truck, and accompany us when we went places. We returned to Scotland, and she was unhappy, she missed her family and it was very cold and snowing. I took her to Dundee to the Rama Thai restaurant, as a surprise, but when we got there we stood in a queue and discovered that it was fully booked by the University Graduation. My wife said hello and spoke in Thai to the lady Thai owner and she ushered us in and seated us in an empty table for 2. My wife and the owner talked to each other throughout our meal, she also gave us information about the courses for learning English and Living in the UK, for obtaining the Certificate you need for applying for Citizenship. Things took a turn for the worst, when she asked if she could use the internet to send an email to her family as they now had internet. She was on for about 15 minutes and you could hear the word deleted all the time, so I went over and could see her deleting a list of email from all these men from all different countries, she tried to stop me from viewing, but I stopped the deleting and recovered most of the deleted mail and I was sick in my stomach as she had been writing and meeting other men even when we were writing to each other and she even stayed with someone after we married and during the 3 month we were waiting for the visa. And, in the same hotel we were staying in on my second trip. But to top it all her Thai husband is still her husband and was living in the same house. I am convinced I am in a bigamist marriage as I have copies of Skype conversations where she is talking to her friend and our interpreter YONG, her son Tanaputt Thonghum Nick/Name: Jump, her husband tanaputt2504 (Surya) . I also bought a laptop for her and tuned it to receive Thai TV and News. She was able to see and speak to her family. I am now living alone in a sheltered complex aged 67 living on my pensions and struggling with Parkinson’s. All my money is gone, I had 4 endowments and a lump sum from the NHS it’s all gone and now I am in debt to the tune of £15K under a 4 year Trust Deed with Knights Bridge Insolvency Ltd. Is there any way I can find out my marital status or her marital status? If it is bigamy what can I do to get an annulment? I also have written evidence that she won £100,000+ 2nd prize on the Lotto and she kept it secret even though she agreed we would share all major wins. I am not sure in which category this should go in?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  JGM replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question.
I take it you still live in Scotland? What paperwork do you have as regards ***** ***** ceremonies?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi, Yes I still live in Scotland in Cupar, Fife, my mother's birth place. I moved into council housing and wasoffered a single bedroom flat in a sheltered, supported, and secure complex of 40 flats for elderly residents, who are still fairly independent in their daily living but with help available if needed. I was not safe living on my own in Dundee and was assaulted and broken into twice when I was out. I was advised to move out of Dundee as quickly as possible. My former wife and our daughter lives 2 miles from Cupar and worked for the Fife council. So with her support and help, plus my family ties to Cupar, I was offered this flat I live in now. My Parkinson's was progressing even though I was on the max dose of my medication.

I have an original marriage certificate in Thai from the office which carried out the civil ceremony, and 1 original certificate of translation and 1 photocopy of original certificate. I did have a copy of her divorce papers, they were in English but looked like a Microsoft Word home produced version, so I can't be sure. Oh I have many colour photos of my visits to Thailand and the Thai wedding ceremony that shows her Thai husband attending. It also shows the cash dowry I was expected to pay, I believe it went to the husband now that I know for sure that they still lived as a family. I will copy them to you. in another email.

Expert:  JGM replied 2 years ago.
I think you would have to take advice from a Thai lawyer as to the validity of he papers you have from there concerning the marriage and I couldn't advise you about how to seek an annulment under Thai law.
However the Scots courts would be able to grant you a divorce based on your residence. As a belt and braces approach I would go to Cupar sheriff court and do a simplified divorce application. Which would take about eight weeks. The form is at and you are seeking a divorce on the ground that you are separated for in excess of two years. You have to give them the marriage certificate, the form is filled in and countersigned by a notary public. It is lodged with the court fee and your marriage certificate and the court does the rest.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for your answer to my question. I am going to the Dundee court on Monday to get my divorce application signed by the Justice of the Peace, they only do the signing on Mondays and Fridays and you must be there before 9.15am otherwise you have to come back. There is no court in Cupar it was closed 2 years ago.

Expert:  JGM replied 2 years ago.
Noted and I hope everything works out for you. I'm sorry to hear that the court at Cupar has now closed. I dealt with some cases there earlier in my career.