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Myself and business partner recently started a property

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Myself and business partner recently started a property soucring company, where we soucre and connect buyers to sellers. The service is delivered in return for a retainer/finder's fee and in this paticular issue which i am contacting regards: we have a client(Buyer) that has agreed in writing to give us 2% upon exhange, subsequently the exchange happened 9 days ago and we have raised an invoice to his solicitors. The response we are getting from the solicitors is to contact the client direct but the doesnt answer the phone and we know the sale will be completed on the 27th of this month and do not want to be cut out. My question is what can i do to leagally in this case.
Your claim is against your client for your fee. There is nothing you can do to stop the completion of the property sale and if the client refuses to pay you, you may file a money court claim against them for breach of contract.
I suggest that you send the client a letter asking for the money to be paid to you within a specific timeframe failing which you may take legal proceedings to recover the money.
If the client still ignores the claim, you may file court proceedings. If the sum due to you is less than £100K, a claim can be made online at
All the best
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for the swift reponse,I have already sent an invoice and a reminder to the clients solicitor and their response is to contact the client direct.
The client has not been answering and he is not residing in the uk but does frequently come here.I have taken on board what you have said but does the above change the circumstance or not.Kind regards
Your claim will be against the client, not the solicitors. If you have the client's UK address, you may go ahead and use that address for filing your claim.
All the best
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes correct the case is against the client but the client is not answering and his phone and he is not a resident here yet.
The property he bought through us will be his address here but he has not completed the purchase yet. Non the less his solicitors are in constant contact and they have said they do not have instructions (which i dont know whether to take as refusal or not)from him regarding my invoice.
Does that mean I can't speak to the solicitor's who are represented him and who are aware from the beginning that I have a retainer agreement from the beginning?
You may try and speak to the solicitors but the problem is they won't speak to you about it as they do not have instructions as they say. I am afraid you cannot force the solicitors to acknowledge your claim unless they have been instructed by the client.
You should file your court claim against the client and let him deal with it.
All the best
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