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I wonder If can help, I think I know that I am under no

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Hi I wonder If can help, I think I know that I am under no obligation to pay for this, but want to make sure. I recently bought 2 properties which needed to be refurbished so they could be used as holiday lets. I had a kitchen company fit a new kitchen and do the refurbishment work. In one property they did e full job and in the other property just fitted some wardrobes etc. The bill came to about £50k the job. It was suggested by the owner of the company that I get help from his (girlfriend) who had recently set up an 'interiors' arm to the kitchen business. She offers a soft furnishings service and interior design service but was just starting out and not very confident SO she would help source some furniture and arrange some blinds, cushions & curtains. He also mentioned a company that supplied furniture to the trade, he was proud that he had managed to secure an account with them as you HAVE to be trade and you have to have minimum spend of £1500 an order to do business. He suggested that it would be good for me to go with his girlfriend, have a look round the warehouse and chose some pieces that may go into the properties I was doing up, I had to go and be signed in a 'trainee interior designer' as public are not allowed into the shop. I did this and several things were chosen some were not in stock and others were readily available for delivery to them (which is free) The lady in question is very disorganised and many things were doubled up etc. I chose various pieces which they ordered in their company name for me, some things had to be cancelled due to the stock date dragging on too long or the quantity being incorrect etc. It became rather un pleasant as the lady did not want to have to deal with the returns, order issues etc. To my point - one of the pieces I ordered (not actually whilst at the warehouse) but sometime later was a mirror, I asked if they would get me one, they agreed and the mirror came via delivery from the warehouse, it was massively too big (this was my order & I didn't realise it was so large) when it arrived she called me and said 'do you realise how big this mirror is??..its massive)' she was round at the property in a van the day after and showed it to me. I said No I didn't realise and this way too big please return it as its no good to me. She said that he had made a fuss about the mirror being so big and that it was difficult to put it anywhere but that it was being taken to storage at this point, (the mirror was never unpacked) as I had asked for it to be returned, I assumed that they were keeping it until the company (who do returns & a collect service too) came to pick it up. NOTHING MORE WAS SAID until the final bill where they have charged me for this mirror & insisted I have to pay for it and that I have no rights, he also said he had the right to charge me storag . There was also a table which proved to be too big, I did ask for this to be returned but understood that it had ben unpacked and assembled, so I am willing to pay for that as returning goods that have been 'unpacked and assembled' may be a different case. I have not signed any contract with this company, nor have I paid a deposit for any of the works or this furniture (the cost of the mirror is £900 trade cost) I would like to say I am not willing to pay for this mirror as I asked for it to be returned as soon as it arrived. Am I in my rights to do so? Sara Middleton
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this Sara.
What is it you want to achieve?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi will you be calling me shortly? Just so I have an idea when to be ready for the callThank youSara
Do you have a number?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
yes its 07977 132 435 thank you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No quite sure how this works! Are we discussing this on here? Or by phone? You did ask what I want to achieve and that is, not to have to pay for this mirror and just confirm that I am not legally required to do so. I maybe in queue here with you, if so, I apologise for messaging you again Sara
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi I have just gone over this and it looks as though I have upgraded to talk on the phone. Please can you give me an indication as to when my issue will be answered? Or can I please go with another advisor? Many thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi I have paid, sent my contact information, all this was sent at 11am today and have nothing back? Can someone please respond or at least give me an idea as to what's happening? thank you
Calling now!