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I have just been billed £6000,as quoted,

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I have just been billed £6000,as quoted, for soundproofing my flat and there has been absolutely no improvement.
All the assurances were wrong .
I can still hear creaking floorboards,tv,coughing etc.
It has been a total waste of money.
Am I obliged to pay the full amount as the service I was told I would get has not happened.
what was promised at the time? is there a written contract?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I explained all the problems and he told me that he would be able to sort it out no problem by cutting into the brick walls and, with a suspended ceiling be able to ride over the voids in the wall plasterboard,seal any gaps so that no noise would be heard from above.

When he was half way through the work I told him that I could hear the same intensity of noise so he put a double layer of plasterboard on the ceiling but said that he did not understand how I was still hearing noise

I used Free index to check his company out and all the reviews said that their noise problems were eradicated.

The first night I slept in the flat I was woken in the night by my neighbour and again as he was back to do snagging the builder said he was baffled.

1 – Remove existing plasterboard ceiling and existing cornice.

2 – Laminate existing joists with 18mm OSB. (Where necessary).

3 - Infill exposed cavity between joists with 1 x layer 100mm Rw3 DFM @ 60kg m³.

4 - Install 1 x layer 12.5mm Fermacell acoustic construction board. (Joints and perimeter sealed with intumescent acoustic sealant).

5 – Construct 50mm x 50mm suspended timber frame below Fermacell.

6 – Install 1 x layer 50mm Rw5 DFM @100kg m³ within new timber frame.

7 - Install 2 x layers 12.5mm Soundbloc acoustic plasterboard.

8 – Tape/Fill finished layer ready for paint.

Where possible, any accessible voids within the stud wall heads would be filled with Rw3 DFM in order to reduce any flanking issues.

Specification subject to change depending on exact make of the ceiling/floor construction.

Copied from quote

Well clearly if he has not resolved the problem then he is in breach of contract. I do from what you have written get the impression that he is trying to be helpful and as such rather than issuing court proceedings for the return of the money you may well wish to consider some form of mediation. I would suggest that you (or you get a solicitor) to write to him formally setting out that the problem remains and seeking his further proposals for resolving the issue. You may wish to meet with a third party such a surveyor or associated expert. Ultimately you may have to issue court proceedings and if so you will need some independent source to prove that the problems still exist. I hope that this helps. Please rate positive.
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