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Three years ago I got a warning letter from my local force

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three years ago I got a warning letter from my local force ..alleging I was harrassing a women (a friend) who I had lent money too. Friends told me she had pulled a scam.... She would not get in contact to discuss return of the money which was several hundred pounds. The fact that I had hand delivered a letter to the police ten days earlier...had either gone to another dept or had been ignored. This situation frightened me but I want to get it resolved and wonder about an IPCC complaint - could they sanction me for such a complaint. Live in Brighton and have had dealings with the police on mental health grounds. Want to clear my name. Thanks Ralph
Hi.Of course, she pulled a scam. Harassments are generally a load of nonsense.However, I would council against a complaint to the IPCC. You have to think of this in stages. She is using the police to manipulate the situation. That does not make their actions wrong. Plain fact is that they received a report. They are under a duty to act upon it and all a harassment warning does is fix a person with notice that further contact will be harassment. The police are generally quite well aware that domestics are usually a waste of time. Further, I have found generally that making complaints is a bad idea. They shouldn't but they do take revenge. Also, generally in life if you complain about people you create a motivation for them to want to act against you. Some people will, some won't but you are better off without that type of feeling about you. There are some things that are so serious that they cannot be ignored but not this sort of thing and you do not want an officer with a grievance against you.If you want to clear your name then just sue her for the return of the money and have nothing else to do with her.If she carries on making allegations that have no merit then sue her in harassment and get an injunction which usually makes them wake up a bit.Can I clarify anything for you?Jo
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