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I've split from my partner of 9 years after he asked myself

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I've split from my partner of 9 years after he asked myself & our children to leave our family home. The house was built when our eldest daughter was one with money from the sale of my partners previous home.
I have always contributed to house hold bills & shopping. I have multiple sclerosis and my benefit money was paid directly in to the joint account to contribute to bills & shopping only.
Am I entitled to a settlement & if so, how much?
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I am a Solicitor and will assist you.
Please can I ask:
- were you legally married?
- how old are you children
- have you added value to the house through redecorating / renovation / paying deposit or mortgage ?
Kind Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, were not legally married. Our children are three and seven. I haven't contributed to the house in this way. I did sign a form at the solicitors when he took out a mortgage to buy his car.
Hello Kristie
Thank you for confirming this.
You are unlikely to have a claim for yourself in respect of the property. The area of law that deals with property disputes for unmarried couples is the Trust of Land Act. If the property is in his sole name and you haven't contributed as set out above - then you won't have a claim.
You are of course entitled to any household items that you have purchased.
Despite not having a claim yourself in respect of the property - you should still give consideration to making a Schedule 1 Children Act Claim in respect of the housing needs for your children. The court has a power to make a transfer of a property order for the benefit of the children. If the court made this order then the property could be transferred to you on behalf of the children until the children reach majority age - then it would transfer back to your partner.
Kind Regards
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