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This is regarding a refused naturalisation

Customer Question

This is regarding a refused naturalisation application.
I came in the uk in the year 2000. Applied for international protection and the process took about 2 years. In the year 2002 was granted temporary stay but have not been reporting to authorities because I did not get clear instructions nor made aware of how to report. In 2004 I got married to an EU national and obtained resident permit in 2006 and then permanent residence in 2012.
Last march I applied for British citizenship and this month I got a decision that my application is refused because of " good character" breach! Literally because I did not make myself known to the home office until may 2006 and thus have to wait 10 years after 2006 before I can apply for naturalisation.
The fact is that I have indeed made myself know to the home office prior to 2006 on 2 occasions:
1. I made a discretionary leave to remain in mid 2004 and thus they have been made aware of my whereabouts but have not heard from them.
2. I gave up my international protection application in favour of an application for residence permit under the EU laws as a spouse of n EU national in december 2004 which was refused them made a fresh one and have been granted resident permit in 2006.
I don't know how the home office have calculated the 10 years given I have practically reported to them and made myself know to them earlier than 2006.
Can I challenge their decision and and ask them to review this in light of the information above?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law