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My friends mother died and left my freind her mortgage free

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My friends mother died and left my freind her mortgage free bungalow but is finding it hard to live there because she misses her mum, does she have to pay to get the deeds changed to her name, she's finding it hard to make ends meet as she is on benefits, she would like to sell and move out of the immediate area but is unsure as how to go about it. Yours sincerely Diane
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Her mother and father were divorced about 34 years ago which is well before her mother bought the property, the only living relative is her 17 year old estranged nephew, so there is nobody else she would have left the property too.
1. Normally what your friend would do, is either administer probate to her mother's estate herself or get a solicitor to do so. This would allow her to put the bungalow into her own name. As her mother has died here and your friend is her only surviving child, she is entitled to the house. However, the process by which she gets the bungalow put in her name is ***** ***** the estate of her mother be extracting probate. If she is considering selling the house, she can get a solicitor to complete the probate as part of the conveyancing process as part of the sale. However, be aware that a purchaser would want to see a clear line of title, from her mother's estate to her and then to the purchaser. So to sell the property, your friend would need to administer the estate of her mother first.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
How much would this cost her ?
2. Administering her mother's estate is free apart from Probate fees of £80 if she does it herself. If she gets a solicitor it will cost £1000-1500 depending on what other assets there were.
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