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My partner sent threats not to get involved to the two witnesses

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My partner sent threats not to get involved to the two witnesses I have who saw my son being abused in the house while I was at work.
How can I have their statements in Court without my partner or his solicitor see who the statement is from?
My witnesses will not give written statements unless I assure them that they will remain annonymous as they are afraid of my partner's threats!
Can you provide some more information as to what happened and what type of case this is please
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I was living in our home in Scotland. I received tourists from time to time to stay in a room next to our bedroom. I have had many arguments with my husband frequently. He was looking after 'our son' from Mondays to Fridays as I took my first job after 4 years of only looking after my son. That meant: I used to get up around 8 in the morning , get my son of 4 years old dressed and fed, leave him in the double bed and go to work until half five that I would return. This was the first time I left my son in his care!
These tourists staying in my house were the first ones to alert me that my son was suffering: that my husband would keep him inside his bedroom all day, would not take him out for fresh air, sometimes they heard my son crying in the bedroom but they could not interfere, sometimes they would hear my son crying 'no' or 'stop' and things like that. My son stopped talking to me and after I left the house gradually I got my son to talk to me again and he told me his 'dad' was pulling his trousers down and pulled his little willie on the bed.
when I told the social workers about this, they sent someone to video him at nursery, but my son was too shy to confess anything at that time and so he never said anything. When I asked my son why he didn't speak, he said to me: it's secret.
I have only these witnesses who can help me as nobody believes my son was abused!
How can I make them write their statement but not disclose their names to the other party as my husband has threatened to do some harm to them if they spoke!
Have you given their names to social services?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No, my tourists were kicked from the house by my husband after I left and he took them in his car, took them to the train station and gave them a threat before telling them to board the train and get lost!
I only now, after many months, have managed to receive an answer by email from them of what has happened and why they are afraid... but are willing to help me if they can remain annonymous
The difficulty is that if they remain anonymous then the court will not give any weight to their evidence. They need to speak to social services. The other option that you have is to witness summons them to give evidence. The court would not be looking at evidence which no one else has seen this would not be compliant in a case such as this I am afraid. Happy to discuss. Please rate positive.
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