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My daughter is 21 years old and grew up in an adoptive

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Hello, my daughter is 21 years old and grew up in an adoptive family due to her father assualting my son, the father went to prison for child assualt and has for the last 21 years been in and out of prison for varieous child crimes, the last one being child pornography earlier this year, he has since been released. We didnt realise any of this until recently, and my daughter came back to live with myself and her brother just over three years ago, my daughter wanted to find her father and we did, but in a space of three months she found him and both he and his partner have been frightening her with texts & emails. my daughter got so frightened, she stopped communicating with him. but today he has started calling her by a different name, claiming shes someone she isnt. and demanding she give her birth certificate, adoption papers, name changes, info on her up bringing and her address. the birth certificate and adoption papers he already has but she doesnt feel comfy giving her info and other details to him. he is claiming if she doesnt give them to him, he will take her to court. please help us to know her rights. i have told her she has the right to withhold her info on privacy grounds. but he is frightening her badly and she hasnt done anything wrong. can he do this to her? please help her
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Your daughter is an adult and therefore the court will simply not accept any application that the father makes in relation to her - your daughter does not need to provide him with any information at all.
Your daughter should also not have to be frightened of her father. Any threats that the father has made should be reported to the police. They may decide to issue a harassment act warning if his behaviour warrants the same.
Your daughter should consider changing her mobile number so he can't get in touch with her.
If the father continues to make threats and your daughter is frightened - and if the police don't take action to protect her then consideration could be given to making an application to the court for a Non Molestation Order. An urgent order can be asked for if he makes a threat to harm your daughter.
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