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Does an Albanian national without a job or property in Albania

Customer Question

Does an Albanian national without a job or property in Albania require a minimum amount of money in their account in Albania to be allowed entry into the uk on a visitors visa?
If so what is the amount please?
Thank you
Dr Rob Mordecai
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Buachaill replied 2 years ago.
1. Dear Rob, there is no minimum requirement in money terms for an Albanian national to come into the UK. Instead, your partner needs to show evidence and proof of his circumstances in his home country and what ties he has there to convince the UK Border Agency that he will leave the UK at the end of his visit. He will need to show his income, property papers, other family, ties of whatever nature etc. Just having money in an account does not show evidence that this partner will return to Albania or Turkey. Additionally, the second thing at issue in his application is the fact that this person may become a burden on the State if they come to the UK given that he has no job or property in Albania. There must be some incentive for him to return to Albania or Turkey. The UK immigration authorities are nakedly mercantile in that they don't let in people who don't have money nor any incentive to return to their home country. However, here, the application has failed because your partner is perceived to have no incentive to return to Albania. 2. I would instead suggest that you seek to have your partner come on a more long term visa which would be on the basis that he was your partner. This would only apply if you have a right to remain in the UK. There you would need to show more than £18600 in income each year to have him join you. As you are the person with the money, this might be much easier. If you have a right to remain in the UK or a work visa, I can point you in the direction of an appropriate visa for him.
Expert:  Clare replied 2 years ago.

Just to add to what my colleague has said I must urge caution

You have already sent money and been asked for more - despite the fact that most of

what he has told you he needs the money is not correct

Your partner should have applied for a visitors visa in Albania - if he had done so then he would

have been able to fly to the Uk without any problem.

Please read this website and consider your position with care