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I am going through divorce. My husband and I are both

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Hello, I am going through divorce. My husband and I are both unemployed (he's a drug addict I was a student until recently). Our only asset is our home. He is still living in the home and refusing to move. Sometimes he cannot be contacted due to his alcohol and drug abuse. I am not entitled to any benefits. I am on a scholarship in Japan but I haven't got any money left to eat. What loans can I get to cover legal fees AND also living costs until my situation is resolved. My share in my home is approx £750k.
Many thanks, Rebecca
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I am a Solicitor and will assist you
There are lots of companies that offer litigation financing.
At this stage, however, I would advise that you consider making a referral to mediation rather than making an application straight to the court. The court also has the ability to reject any applications when mediation has not been attempted first.
There are lots of mediation services - one such national service is
Solicitors are not involved in this mediation - so no legal costs. If you can agree at mediation then you can submit a consent order for court approval. A solicitor can prepare this agreement for a few hundred pounds and the court fee is only £50.
If you can't agree at mediation then you can then look at litigation funding for court or you can make the application to court yourself.
Kind Regards
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hello Caroline,

Thank you so much for your speedy answer. I should have mentioned we have already been to mediation at which it was agreed that the house should be sold and put on the market by end of July 2015. A summary letter was drafted but never turned into a contact or signed. Mediation was also expensive at £500 (£250 each).

Since then my husband has changed his mind. He says he wants to buy me out but of course has been refused financing. he says he is trying to look for a job but he is passed out drunk at home all day. He has now been unemployed for 1 year and 1 month and will soon not be able to make our mortgage payments.

Sorry to hear that matters were nearly resolved and then your husband backed out.
If your want to start progressing the case yourself then you need to issue Form A at court.
In respect of litigation funding you could consider:
Kind Regards
Positive feedback is gratefully received
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