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My son has been asked to attend the policed station voluntary

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My son has been asked to attend the policed station for a voluntary interview with the police. They say this will be under caution and that he can have a solicitor. This makes it sound to me as if they are actually going to arrest him but I have never had any involvement with police so i dont really know?
I will be attending with him as he is 15.
He has admitted to me he is responsible which i just can't believe i am so shocked. He has been selling drugs to his friends, associates, peers etc. On behalf of a drug dealer and he has been getting a cut of the profits!!
There has been an acusation for another lads parent.
What should we do. Admit everything and hope for the best?
Does he dispute the allegation?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No he accepts it! I'm so shocked i though it must be a huge misunderstanding but he has addmited it to me
On no account admit anything. There is no realistic chance of a caution. This is possession with intent to supply. People go to prison for that even on first offences.
They may not be able to prove this anyway as it is quite unlikely his friends will give evidence against him.
The only time it is worth making any admissions is if the evidence is overwhelming and they are offering a caution. There is no sense in making full confessions in the hope that they make that offer. The police need to confirm in advance that a caution will be available if admissions are made.
If he is 15 then they might treat him leniently although this does sound as though he is part of a bigger operation.
If there is a bigger operation then a caution is unlikely. This is street dealing ultimately.
If he is just holding a kitty of drugs for some friends purchased in bulk to get discounts then that is different. There is quite a lot of case law that he is in a dissimilar position to a commercial dealer.
I wouldn't worry about this though. Just accept the offer of a solicitor that the police will make who will have full vision of the disclosure and the intentions of the police and advise you properly.
Can I clarify anything for you?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have just asked him for some clarification in regard to what you said about buying just for friends.He says that is basically what he was doing at first but this now exeeeds that it would seem. He has admited he was selling to a much wider circle than just close friends.I dont know what to think - i will phone a solicitor tomorrow.They have not caught him with any drugs at least.Admit nothing would be your advise and have a solicitor?Thank you for your help
Yes, if he has been involved with a person higher up the totem pole then probably he has come to their attention because they were watching others in the chain.Whether he is 15 or not, he is the street dealer within a larger option. If he were an adult that would lead to custody. He will avoid it because he isn't an adult but it is not caution territory.Have a solicitor, admit to nothing unless the evidence is overwhelming and the police make clear they will caution. Obvious he can't lie but the no comment interview is golden.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you very much.I see a link on this chat that allows me to request you again, so ill come back with a new question after interview.I know we will have a solicitor but i will find it useful and reassuring to run things by a third party (especially since i see you are a barrister)... This is all very new to me.
Thank you